The clubs, companys or individuals on this page have gone the extra mile and have become a yearly sponsor for this site.

The Central Florida Stamp Club is a 70+ year old organization in the Orlando area who has been a contributing member of the FPHS for many years and recently decided to become the first site sponsor.

The CFSC is a dynamic home of over 100 members who are active collectors and can be found at most local Orlando shows providing assistance at the reception table.

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Florida Stamp Dealers' Association is the organizational body for all stamp dealers in the state of Florida. Founded in 1960, it is the sponsor of numerous Florida shows, including FLOREX.

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The Florida Stamp Shows site launched on October 1, 2006 with the mission to be the "end-all" stop for all advertising for any Florida show. If you are looking for a stamp show in Florida -- visit the site!

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