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The Florida Stampless Postal History book published by the FPHS in 1999 is long out of print. We have decided to make this volume available to the philatelic community. The Florida Postal History Society survives on a very narrow revenue stream and would deeply appreciate any monatary contribution should you find the book to be useful. Please direct any donations to Deane R. Briggs; contact information is listed in the CONTACTS section of this website.



The Florida Postal History Society has published a 311 page book, FLORIDA STAMPLESS POSTAL HISTORY 1763-1861 which was published by David G. Phillips Publishing Co., Inc. in 1999.  Deane R. Briggs, M.D., with assistance from Associate Editors Herbert P. McNeal, Niles Schuh, Donald G. Thompson and members William H. Johnson, D.D.S., David Lingard, and Ted Light edited this book.  This publication is the standard reference text on stampless Florida postal history.  All post offices are referenced with postal receipts and postmaster compensation noted.  All known postal markings are recorded and a census of uncommon markings is listed.  Additional essays on the “Patriot’s Rebellion”, Pre-territorial postal history, Express Mail of 1836-1839, the Seminole Indian wars, Florida Military posts, and a listing of territorial and statehood postal routes with contractor compensation.  Members are able to purchase this book at a reduced price while copies remain available. 

The society is currently working on a book of Florida Postmaster and County postmarks and a book on Confederate Florida Postal History. These projects are expected to be completed early in 2017. In addition, the society maintains an accurate Doane postmark census.

The updated reference book for Florida Postal History is in the preorder stage until 10.15.18. The order form is on the front page or click HERE.


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